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Reed Relays

Cynergy3 has been at the forefront of RF (Radio Frequency) relay technology for more than 30 years, during which time it has developed relays for many specific communications applications, by collaborating with world leading manufacturers of radio communications equipment. The company’s experienced engineers are available to assist customers in developing product solutions that are perfectly suited to specific applications.  Solutions are available to suit all HF applications requiring isolation up to 9kV and carry currents up to 20 Amps (RMS at 30MHz).

Cynergy3 has designed HV (High Voltage) relays to suit customer high reliability applications that require relays capable of withstanding up to 15kV dc, such as cardiac defibrillators, cable, transformer and semiconductor test equipment, as well as high voltage power supplies.  Custom miniature relays capable of isolating up to 5kV dc  in a 30mm package, for use in applications where PCB space is at a premium, such as ATE (Automated Test Equipment), where size, performance and reliability are of paramount importance.

Liquid Level Sensors

Cynergy3 works with customers to provide solutions for any liquid level sensing applications, from simple plastic single level switches to highly engineered metal float multi level switches, for applications such as beverage vending machines, industrial printing machines, water supply systems, fuel storage and hydraulic system reservoirs.

Cynergy3 have, over the last 50 years designed many hundreds of reed relays and liquid level sensors to suit particular customer application requirements.  The company is focused on providing custom solutions, drawing on standard components, thus minimising development costs.