Chemical Compatibility

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All chemical compatibility ratings are for reference only, and are based on the data available. Trials should always be carried out in any cases of doubt, using conditions which closely match the actual application.
Commercial and proprietary fluids may contain additives to improve end use characteristics.
Whilst the material may be compatible with the base chemical, the additives can sometimes have an adverse effect.
Trials should be conducted in cases of doubt.
A to E are cold compatibility ratings.
A is best, B is likely to be compatible, C & D should be tested, E is incompatible. 1 to 5 are hot compatibility ratings.
1 is best, 2 is likely to be compatible, 3 & 4 should be tested, 5 is incompatible.
"-" means no data available - refer to Cynergy3 Components Engineering or Quality Department.
Red denotes float body materials, blue denotes gasket materials.
Chemical compatibility data assumes that no fluid comes into contact with either the locking nut (where applicable), the wire, or the potting material used to secure the switch element.

Gaskets can sometimes be used even where their rating is poor, if they are not in permanent contact with the fluid. Consideration should be given to the effect of any vapour on the material. Trials should be conducted in cases of doubt.