Sensata Covid 19 Update

At Sensata, our purpose – to help our customers safely deliver a cleaner, more electrified and connected world – guides our actions.

Throughout this global COVID-19 pandemic, we have made and will continue to make all efforts to ensure business continuity and the health and safety of our employees globally. We enacted emergency preparedness plans that include actions centered around people safety, business operations and supply chain integrity.

Many of our sites globally have been deemed essential and have been in operation since the outbreak of the pandemic, albeit in a reduced capacity. As our operations ramp back up, guided by the regulations in place in the jurisdictions in which we operate, we will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our people and serving our customers.

During the past few months, Team Sensata has come together and secured necessary personal protective equipment for employees and local community partners and healthcare organizations.  Also, we are working with several leading OEMs in healthcare-related applications, supporting the global fight against COVID-19. Finally, our Sensata Foundation has fast-tracked already approved grants to get funding to agencies in critical need.

Many employees in professional and support staff roles, have been working remotely throughout the crisis. Some employees have started to slowly transition back to the physical workplace, in a phased and gated approach. We have implemented comprehensive, multi-lingual environmental health, hygiene, safety, and incident response guides and employee awareness programs and we are continuing to monitor these closely.

Team Sensata is ready to support customers’ needs during this time.