High Power Version Of Popular Float Switch Added To Range

The MS Series of Cable-End Float Switches has been extended with the addition of a higher power capacity version. Rated for up to 20 amps (resistive), three new float switches are available from Cynergy3 Components Ltd in their MS WRAS approved range.

The three versions have electrical contacts which are:- Normally Open (N/O), Normally closed (N/C) or Changover (C/O).

The popular range, recently approved by WRAS for use with drinking water, provides a cost effective method to detect upper and/or lower levels of liquids in large tanks, cisterns or reservoirs and can be directly installed on submersible pumps.

The MS WRAS series data sheet is available here

For more information, please contact Cynergy3 at www.cynergy3.com or call the sales team on +44 (0) 1202 897 969 or email[email protected]