Float Switch for Turbulent Liquids and Confined Spaces

  • For smaller tanks and restricted space
  • Use in sewer and industrial waste water
  • Shape avoids "wragging", in sewer systems
  • Unaffected by suspended solids
  • Operates in turbulent fluids


Extension Tubes for Multi Level Float Switches

  • Extend the reach of vertical switches
  • Available in 250, 500, 750 and 1000mm lengths
  • Polypropylene or SS 316L material
  • G1/8, G3/8, M12 or M16 thread options


Autoclave Level Float Switch

  • Level switch for compressor receivers
  • Install through G1" or G1"1/4
  • Mount through side or top of tank
  • 3 or 5 metre cable length


Dip Tape type Depth gauging system

  • Depth gauging for water boreholes
  • Portable system
  • Visual & acoustic signal
  • 200 metre cable with length marks


Level Control Module 2HP

  • Primary output up to 2HP single phase
  • 2 SPCO outputs
  • 12Vac sensor voltage
  • 240 or 415 Vac supply

LC Series

Cable Sets with M12 Connection

  • 4 pole M12 connector to IEC 61076-2-101
  • IP67 protection IEC 60529 (a3)
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Choice of PVC or PUR/PVC cable insulation


Level controller with Alarm

  • Direct control of up to 2HP loads
  • 2 SPCO contacts
  • Alarm Indicator LED and Beeper
  • 1, 2 or 3 sensor inputs


Chamber Level Float Switch

  • Level control in pipes
  • External level control for tanks
  • Level control in pressurised systems
  • Dry running prevention


Pump dry running sensor

  • Prevents dry running of pump
  • Prevents overheating of pump seals
  • High power switching capacity
  • Use on pipes from 20 - 200mm


Counterweight for cable suspended switches

  • Replacement counterweight (plastic) for cable end type float switches


DT1200 Termination Enclosure

  • Weatherproof to IP68
  • Machined aluminium casting
  • Mounting threads for terminal block


WRAS Approved Float Switch for Turbulent Liquids and Confined Spaces

  • WRAS approved for use in drinking water
  • Operates in turbulent fluids
  • Direct switching of up to 10A
  • For smaller tanks and restricted space