Products: 0.5kV

  • S2 axial reed relay
    Product Group SKU: S2

    Axial Relay

    • Flexible mounting options
    • 10VA, 70VA and 100VA switching versions
    • Low contact resistance
    • Full isolation
  • FRS12000 series reed relays
    Product Group SKU: FRS12000 Series

    Miniature Screened 5A, 2kV

    • Up to 3kV Isolation
    • 5A Carry Current (up to 30MHz)
    • Excellent RF Characteristics
    • Designed for HF Applications
    • Compact Package on 0.1" Pin Pitch
    • Custom Design Facility
  • Product Group SKU: S2(UL) Series

    UL Approved Axial Style Reed Relay

    • Variable mounting options
    • 10W, 70W and 100W contact options
    • Reliable reed switch contacts
    • UL Approved (consult factory for UL ratings)